Who we are

All of only 20 during its inception, Riya Jain founded ‘Namo Padmavati’ in the April of 2018. She was fresh out of her first job as an Operational Manager at a fast-growing outsourcing firm where she lapped up a lot of entrepreneurial skills before she decided it was time to start her own show.
Growing up, Riya was the personification of the rich brat cliché. She got everything that she asked for and never managed to value anything. But life came crashing down for her just as she was to enter adulthood when her parents separated after which she was forced to turn into the sole breadwinner of her family. The girl in her with no ambitions suddenly turned into a woman armed with goals and a purpose to unleash her true potential. College took a backseat and work turned into worship for Riya who says she’s glad that life chose this for her because it taught the power of change that can only happen when one steps out of one’s comfort zone. She’s truly living the saying, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’
Now at 22, and not without her loving family’s support, she aims to provide entrepreneurs with a support system like no other and resourceful jobs to talented people so that they can support themselves and improve the quality of their lives.

The woman behind this fantastic personality is her mom. Her inspiration, her guide, mentor and her friend who has been responsible for Riya’s every step. She is the propelling force and the strongest pillar of the family. Along with her mom, there are Shikha, Khushi, and Paawan, her siblings who have stood with her through thick and thin. They are one committed family ready to solve all your professional dilemmas.

                                          Namo Padmavati

In this busy era of digitization, you cannot google search an honest, hardworking, intelligent person that fulfils your work requirements. If you are someone looking for the same you’re in the right place. Riya Jain is a devoted, brilliant and passionate worker, is the solution to all your virtual worries. She is the founder of Namo-Padmavati which means greeting to the new beginnings of life after going through the dirt.
April 2018 is when this vision of her’s turned into reality. The company aims at providing virtual assistance to professionals, whose schedule is way too officious to concentrate on other works. This diligent family is available to you 24/7. They’ve got your back, kick your worries out and trust Namo Padmavati. The company is home based thus very personal. You can always rely on them.



If our clients not successful then neither are we. Placing our clients first and going way beyond the normal scope that any company would go to ensuring that our clients are not only satisfied but also end up seeing results over the long-term.


To provide superior quality virtual services that: CLIENTS recommend to family and friends and spread ideas.


Pay us only if you are satisfied. We believe in quality over dollars.