Some people work as a virtual assistant without even knowing that they are and hence don’t make the most of it. A virtual assistant is a highly-skilled individual who tends to provide service in any form reducing the company’s burden of hiring people for many tasks. Even though the market is expanding by leaps and bounds, a lot of companies have been using Vas actively and remark that these individuals are more executive than usual employees.

What can a virtual assistant do?

It is necessary to understand what virtual assistants can do to become one. To give an outline, virtual assistants are capable of performing any task that is assigned to them. These individuals are not specific to a single domain or methodology. A virtual assistant gains immense experience and skill by working with various companies and come up with a strategy of their own. Therefore, this makes every virtual assistant unique.
VAs are highly suggested for jobs that are time-consuming and require HR sources. This not only saves time and money but avoids many other constraints like training period and fresher recruitment.
To become a VA, one must start learning skills that the digital industry demands. Over the past few years SEO, web development, content development, data analysis, etc. have become the most asked for jobs in virtual assistant industry and these are only 1% of what virtual assistant industry comprises of. Being able to take up activities as varied as project management to graphics designing, hiring a virtual assistant is a big boon to any digital market irrespective of its financial potential.


1. Choose your Domain
Firstly, you will have to choose the number of jobs that you can manage to do. This will define your business structure and target audience. Though a few experienced VAs take up to 10-15 responsibilities, it is advised to start by offering a maximum of 3 skills on your profile. This will help you to get acquainted in a much better way with slow but steady progress in work. It is better to offer services which are interrelated for flexibility of work. It also keeps the quality of work on par, which would have degraded otherwise. Based on self and customer satisfaction VAs go up to 6 jobs after a year of experience, which shows 100% growth, which is much better than becoming a 9-5 employee and sticking to one specific task.

2. The pricing structure
The powerful business medium of a VA depends on his skill-set and experience. Just like bloggers were asked the amount of money they make per month, VAs are frequently asked their per hour income. This answer is more distributed that you can assume. By now, we have understood that VAs can offer many services, and that’s why the incomes vary on the same scale of diversity.
You must understand the rates of other VAs who are providing similar services. This research is fundamental as it determines how beneficial you are for the company, comparatively. The next thing that you would want sort is whether you would want to charge per hour, per week/month or per project. These decisions are often influenced by the surrounding VAs, as similar pricing structure makes a better ecosystem for Virtual Assistants.

3. Personal Website or profile:
A profile is a very crucial step which works as a one-time investment. When you are trying to emerge as a VA, it is necessary that you make your online reputation with the help of personal space and social media. Social media works as the primary source of PR and helps in the incoming of work, along with expanding your scope. Personal space or a website is much needed when work reputation is established, and the work level is at a point where service seekers would want to look for the VA in a shortlisted method. This helps you stand out in the crowd and rank higher in terms of online visibility.
Along with social media which comprises of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms, a WordPress website is what you must be looking for as a personal space. WordPress websites are efficient and easy to make. This will make sure that you don’t lose much time on getting these initial tasks done and at the same time, have a premium handling of online jobs. A few extra things that work effectively well are personalized logo and skill description.

4. Networking and work building
Coming this far, a successful VA profile and work medium in constructed. At this stage, the beginner must already be performing the tasks assigned and looking for better opportunities. The most crucial part, termed as client building, needs time management in delivering the service, which further helps VAs in getting more opportunities in related work. Simultaneously, improving the existing skills and learning new ones to expand the horizons in practice is crucial.
Another critical aspect of improving work style and promptness is working on feedbacks. This keeps the scope of improvement up and helps in working according to the trending strategies.

To sum it up, becoming a virtual assistant is easy to learn but hard to master. In many ways, virtual assistance bridges the gap of a 9-5 employee and self-employed businessman. Being a virtual assistant gives an individual the freedom of work and flexibility with a scope of improvement. Virtual assistants undergo constant growth in their work and work visibly better than usual employees. Because of the personal experience and independent style of work VAs build their strategies which work effectively better and have a beforehand proof of work. Because of their highly required and efficient work, the companies are benefitted to the best of their potentials, and this makes the work of a VA a win-win situation for the company as well as the virtual assistants.

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