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Namo Padmavati
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Namo Padmavati



Virtual Assistants for Startups and Enterprises.

We empower entrepreneurs, business owners, and organisations to reclaim their time & trim operation costs. We're not just your VA team; we're your unfair advantage.

Meet the sisters behind

Namo Padmavati 🫰

Riya & Khushi work in tandem to handle the nitty-gritty of your business.
They help you show up at work with a Saturday morning feeling. 

One agency for all your outsourcing needs 🤜🤛 

We’re the dedicated team for your non-core tasks.
The difference is, we’re hands-on, continuously upskilled, and management-oriented.
Also, expect no bills during our training period

Top choice of the
Real Estate Property Management Hospitality Accounting Legal Information Technology Robotics E-commerce Advertising Coaching Medical Financial Debt Collection E-Learning Industry.

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What are you looking for?

Outsource your work, tasks, and processes to a dedicated team member on a monthly subscription basis,
whether you need hourly, part-time, or full-time assistance.


It's time to give your business an innovative overhaul.

Reclaim valuable time to focus on revenue-generating activities. Our expert administrative, marketing, and customer support services drive more revenue for your business.

Many US-based businesses struggle to find reliable staff. We provide dedicated and dependable team members who efficiently handle tasks, significantly reducing staffing costs. As salaries for US-based staff rise, we offer an affordable and reliable alternative to help businesses stay competitive.

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thousands of
companies around
the world

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From mom-and-pop to corporate crop, we play for every team. Your business could be at the top of its game, and we would still be able to take a load off your back. 

Be it an hour of support or a 1000 hour engagement every month, count on us when you off-shore your customer service executives, staffing services, administration & beyond.

You don't have to buy what we are saying just by the words.

Don't trust us? No worries. You can...

Namo Padmavati Virtual Assistant Pricing

The General Virtual Assistant (GVA) is our most popular plan and is designed to enhance personnel and team productivity.

Do you need specialization, end-to-end teams, bilingual options? Book a meeting.

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NOTE: Pay us only upon job completion. No advanced payments. Guaranteed

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Our happy clients say...

Minki Basu

Minki Basu

Riya is a remarkable asset to our company, embodying exceptional skills, leadership, and integrity. Her genuine nature and professional excellence make her an invaluable addition to any team.

Joseph Marchione

Joseph Marchione

Impressed with Namo Padmavati's lead generation service. Riya's team is diligent and trustworthy, driving thousands in revenue and a strong pipeline. Happy to share our positive experience with potential customers.

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Riya is exceptionally genuine and dedicated, going the extra mile to ensure she delivers quality work without focusing on payment.



Riya was excellent in the work that she did for the project. She was not only executing the assigned task but was also proactive in giving advice. We will hire again for the next project.

Adam Yaeger

Adam Yaeger

Riya's team has been indispensable in digital marketing, excelling in everything from campaign management to lead generation. Their accountability and communication make them highly recommendable.

Eric Worral

Eric Worral

Riya is exceptional in managing newsletters, podcast transcriptions, and blog updates, demonstrating unparalleled consistency and communication. Her professionalism and marketing expertise greatly enhance our collaboration

Brendan McAdams

Brendan McAdams

Riya is exceptional in marketing, creativity, and strategic guidance, known for her responsiveness, enthusiasm, and expertise in social media.

Rafael dos Santos

Rafael dos Santos

Riya was easy to work & communicate with. She brought some good ideas to the project. She gives you everything she’s got when she gets into a project. For me, one of her most important skill sets is her ability to self manage and keep our projects moving.

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