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Namo Padmavati is a one-stop-shop Virtual assistant company. A Virtual assistant that helps business owners get part-time, full-time or hourly support with all the non-core activities of a business, and help busy professionals/entrepreneurs recognize their potential and help them grow by working smarter.

Our multi-talented team is the solution to all your virtual struggles. Whether it’s content writing, web designing, marketing, social media, management, or data entry – we have you covered. All you have to do is hit us up!

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  1. Dedicated virtual assistance with the right skill set to work on your projects
  2. Full-time/part-time or no commitment of hours support.(0.5 or 100 hours – you choose.) 
  3. No employee-related paperwork and taxes 
  4. Specialized and diverse skills
  5. Not a robot. Always helping you improvise your ideas and strategies. 
  6. Keep you up-to-date with the best tools in market to ramp up your game.
  7. 5 hours of free service to see if we are the right fit.
  8. Treat us like your family. We will not break your trust.

Our story




Riya Jain founded Namo Padmavati with one goal in mind – to help busy entrepreneurs recognize their true potential. She started working as an individual virtual assistant. But establishing a company was always the plan. 




Over the next few months, Riya hired and trained her own team in several different skill sets to provide more services as a company. She started picking up more projects and delegating them to her team.  




 After a former, successful year, Riya began training other international teams. She hosted a lead generation summit and designed a lead generation course. She further added B2B generation as a service and hired more employees.


Going strong


This year, Riya aims to establish an exclusive domain in the B2B market while keeping Namo Padmavati running steadfastly. She will further expand her team and host more lead generation summits to inform and train more employees in valuable skill sets.


If our client is not successful then neither are we. Placing our clients first and going way beyond the normal scope that any company would go to ensuring that our clients are not only satisfied but also end up seeing results over the long-term.


To provide superior quality virtual services that: CLIENTS recommend to family and friends and spread ideas.


Pay us only if you are satisfied. We believe in quality over dollars.
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