7 Tasks to Outsource to an Expert Virtual Assistant

One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs nowadays struggle to grow their businesses is because they are simply wearing too many hats. It’s plain smart to leverage your time with talented workers on your team than try and do it all yourself.

7 Tasks to Outsource to an Expert Virtual Assistant 👍👍👍

1) Online Research – The quickest way to find information on any topic, product or event is through online research. Delegate the research work to your virtual assistant who would look for any kind of information on the web for you.

2) Email & Schedule Management Tasks – Sometimes, it becomes daunting to manage huge volumes of email that you receive in your inbox on a daily basis. In such a case, a VA can come to your rescue by managing your email, i.e., answering your mails on your behalf, checking promotional messages and deleting spam mails effectively.

3) Telephone calls – Telephone calls interrupt you in the same way as emails. Most entrepreneurs have customer service departments, but that’s just not enough. Even most ‘personal’ calls that you get are still not worth your attention in most cases.

4) Data Entry – It is one of the most repetitive and laborious administrative tasks which can be very well handled by the virtual assistants. The work involves collecting data and entering into spreadsheets which require sitting at the computer for a long period.

5) SEO / Web Marketer – Having a solid SEO / Web Marketing VA in place will enable your content to be positioned and marketed in a way that will bring in consistent long-term traffic.

6) Social Media Marketing – In today’s media age, it is essential to increase brand visibility, boost sales and draw more traffic to a website. But these tasks are repetitive and need a lot of patience. Hire a skilled VA who can appropriately and tactfully do social media marketing on your behalf.

7) Content Creation For Blogs – Blog posting is one of the significant components of successful content marketing. It’s also one of the most time-consuming chores. Just researching the given topic takes up a lot of time. After research, you have to write and format the articles.

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