8 Tedious Business Tasks

Business is a broad term to describe what it takes to run a successful company that might include diverse workers who benefit economically. It is of vital importance that one understands better business strategies for the better functioning of a company. Mr.Dale Carnegie quotes, “Do the hard jobs first. Easy jobs will take care of themselves.” Outsourcing is one such strategy, and further, in this article, you will read about some tedious tasks that can be outsourced for the sake of productivity.


The simplest reason why you should hire a content writer is that it is hard. Content plays an important role in driving traffic to the website in multiple ways other than just its quality. If a writer understands SEO well, they will ultimately generate content to boost the website’s ranking. It becomes a tedious task as it involves keyword research, SEO, editing, and also proofreading. Only then would the content be of high quality. With tons of top writers working online in this digital age, outsourcing content creation can be highly beneficial.


Social media handling seems conventional but is very time-consuming when it comes to maintaining it consistently. Many companies and digital workers tend to pass on social media management to VAs to maintain work quality. Doing it yourself might cage you into indulging in distributed tasks that will affect your work and ruin your focus from other activities that might include idea generation or team building. A dedicated VA is the best option for social media activities as this is their domain of expertise due to indulging with different companies for similar tasks. 


One of the most time-consuming tasks for a team could be live customer support due to various reasons. Especially in smaller companies, customer support reduces productivity as it needs constant availability and presence of mind. Passing on live customer support frees up time for focusing on necessary technical aspects. It can easily be outsourced through online supporting platforms that have dedicated working entities specific to this work area. Work statistics say that a team free from this particular task grows 25% faster, and therefore outsourcing customer support is highly recommended.


Search engine by far is one of the most important factors to determine a company’s success. In the same way, it is really tough to emerge benefited in a particular area. Search engines are flooded with potential websites, and therefore to obtain a better site rank, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial and requires a lot of back-end work. Website analysis, designing, and link setup are a few of the many tasks in off-page and on-page SEO that needs proper alignment and placement. SEO is a bigger task and should always be outsourced to someone who has dealt with it for years. The experience helps them gain strategies through work and results in a much-improved outcome.


Apart from all the tasks being discussed, the one task which should only be outsourced to trusted resources is HR management. A mistake in the HR department could have severe consequences for a company and cause permanent damage to its reputation, resulting in lawsuits. Another thing that needs to be understood is that HR needs major time investment, which takes time away from a company’s overall growth. Consultancies and services available in the market are a great option to eliminate this tedious task without compromising the company’s benefits.


An administrative task that consumes little but important time is payroll, which can be a cause of a company’s slow growth. Payroll isn’t a regular task but involves accurate documentation and analysis. However, because it is done either weekly or monthly with regular updates, it has to be done with precision. Therefore, if outsourced to an expert, it can save much time for other business activities like external meetings and expansion. Studies say that outsourcing payroll saves up to 9 hours that may be used for technical growth and other aspects.


Database management refers to the optimization and enhancement of clustered raw data that has to be distributed to different company sections. This can include excel sheets and other file formats that need to be preserved as hard and soft copies. Managing this and forming usable data sources needs hours of hard work to analyze and distribute properly. Data is not a job that just needs to be done; it reverts to the company’s overall growth. Statistically, outsourcing database management to experts could result in 200% growth in revenue generation.


A tedious part of work for any established or emerging company is logistics. It arguably requires more time and patience. Instead of a single task, logistics needs a series of activities to be performed that ultimately lead to an organized outcome. Because of such inclusions, it adds up more hours on a single task – decreasing productivity. This implies that outsourcing logistics can help save time and save the workforce needed for the entire process. In addition to this, it saves about 15+ hours of productivity and workforce.

In the end, it all comes down to time – the most important asset that a company can earn, save and utilize for its growth. Sticking to the “know it all” or “do it all” strategy will always create a loophole for a company. Finding virtual assistants or other teams to complete these tasks saves time that sums up to hours, and the time saved can be utilized for a company’s expansion and execution of ideas.

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