How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

A Facebook post, an Instagram feed or a twitter’s tweet is what a modern man wakes up to. These social networking websites are not only ways to stay connected but they also serve as great platforms for business activities. Entrepreneurs, Professionals want to reach out to their customers, advertise and enhance their work through these platforms. The various options available in these sites allow an individual to start and manage their business.

There are a number of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc that prompt people to be active on multiple social media accounts. The challenging task here is to maintain these accounts. Here are some important tips that will help you manage multiple social media accounts.

1) There are various social media tools that come handy while working simultaneously with various accounts. Some of them are:

a) Hootsuite: This is the best in business. The most popular and the most reasonable tool. It can add accounts, schedule posts and also add account managers. It also acts as a training platform for both tools and social marketing. What more can one ask for?

b) Hubspot: Wouldn’t it be great if you can monitor and track down what posts and channels bring actual leads and sales, yes. This is what HubSpot does. You can access closed-loop report data with this tool.

c) MeetEdgar: this is one highly recommended tool you shouldn’t miss out on. With all other tools only posting, and scheduling posts this one re-shares your popular posts. The impact it has is immense. If u have this then your sorted.

d) Buffer: Timing is one vital aspect of the social networking business. Buffer allows you to share content at the best time. It shares, schedules and analyses various accounts simultaneously. It further scrutinizes and brings to you, the most liked of your contents. All you have to do is log in once and set everything. Rest is taken care by Buffer.

Along with these, various others like TweetDeck, VidiQ, Social Upgrade, Sprout Social, Raven etc are also recommended by many. These help in organizing, scheduling and updating our accounts. Apart from using all these tools, there are other important aspects that must be concentrated on. Some of them are as follows.

1) Adding your social media profiles to dashboards is a quick and easy way to manage accounts. The above-mentioned dashboards will not only manage all accounts simultaneously but will save lots of time that would be spent in checking and updating each profile.

2) Consistency is the most important aspect to stay alive in business. The customers that are dependent on you seek your help. Thus it becomes inevitable to stay in touch with your clients, following their reviews and solving their problems. Also updating your clients with the work in progress will ensure continuity and trust. Standardized reporting is crucial in these types of works. Even if your client signs up in the middle of the month, you must report about the work at the end of the month and not at the end of every building cycle. This also makes your work easier and sorted as you can do various reports regularly at the end of each month.

3) The world is full of different kind of people. Each person has a different preference. The audiences on each platform are different. The likes that you get on a picture may not be the same as on a video. Hence each platform requires a change. Content is the king when it comes to social media. Creating unique content and posts for each media profile is a must. A Facebook video, a GIF on Twitter and an infographic on Pinterest would be interesting for audiences of different tastes. Catchy captions will also be of great help in boosting your post.

4) Scheduling your posts will ensure maximum viewership. The dashboards will enable you to find out the day and also timings when the audiences are online at the maximum. Making use of this peak time to post and maintaining a consistent schedule will result in an increase in views.

5) The key to establishing a good relationship with your client is communication. Buffer Reply allows you to engage in conversation with you the people who have liked, commented or tweeted about your page. A quick conversation will also help you recognize your errors or improve your content.

with the tools mentioned above, managing social media accounts has now become easier. In Order to reach out to more and more people, we can make use of the tools as they not only save your time but also make your work easier. Not everybody will read a post done manually by you, but tools like Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, and other tools will make sure the post reaches the maximum number of people. But the case is not the same with facebook. Facebook reach increases way more if done manually. Thus using tools for other platforms and doing facebook manually, scheduling everything is the apt way to make it work.

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