Social Media is one of the greatest boons in the modern world. Social, educational, personal and most importantly business and advertisement needs of the people are met through different social media networks. Communicate or collapse is a proverb that rightly fits in this age. To develop and thrive a business it not only takes just talent and knowledge about that particular work but it also requires excellent marketing skills. Digital marketing has been on the rise for some time now. All entrepreneurs and aspiring marketers are doing everything they possibly can to maintain and promote their social media accounts. In the haste of doing so, there are some common mistakes that people are committing which are leading to weak growth of their social media accounts. So here are some common mistakes to avoid, that will help you earn more traffic on your accounts.

EXCESSIVE POSTING: Your social media accounts do not require frequent posting to earn more views. Initially, there are only some people following you, they want to see something new every time, but it does not have to be all in a day. Do not post more than once in a single day. Maybe the trick of posting a lot of works for Twitter, but for other social media, it’s a big loser. The more you post, the more people start ignoring you. 

Videos are leverage: Gone are the days when people entertained themselves only through television. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are things that are keeping people hooked. Videos make for great content in these kinds of sites. They are more attractive and can drag followers to your page. With videos, the engagement and views are way higher. They are better than photos or text update. Hence, concentrate more on video content.

Mediocre content is not going to work: The first question you need to ask yourself before you post anything is, would I like to tell my friends about it? The content you create must first excite you, if it does then you can be sure that it will entertain others too. Think of the possibility of that post getting good shares or even going viral if you don’t notice that potential in your content then its mediocre and won’t help. Post once a day, but post something extraordinary. Buzzsumo and  Social blade are some of the sites that will assist you with better content.

Engage in the first Hour: Engaging in the first hour is very crucial for your posts to do well. Whatever works in the first hour tends to do continuously well social web. Most social media algorithms work like this. You can do this by promoting a video with your email list. Sending push notifications to your social profile when you have status updates also works excellent.

Communicating with your viewers: Your viewers will be more than thrilled to get responses from you when they ask a question, comment or even like a post. To keep your page going, you have to reply to the messages, comments and queries. Social Media is two-way communication. It involves efforts by both viewers and creators. You must also equally participate in appreciating your viewers or be grateful to them, the way they are. The number of shares likes that you get will increase if you engage with your audience.

Social media accounts need to be taken care of tactfully. Follow these simple rules, avoid the common mistakes and you will undoubtedly begin to notice a change.

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