Everything you Need About a Virtual Assistant Pricing Packages

Virtual assistants can be a lifesaver when it comes to productivity at a low price. Remote teams are as efficient as in-house employees minus the expenses associated. Hiring your first virtual assistant or planning to build a remote team for specialized tasks or essential administrative work can be a difficult decision to make as a small business owner or an entrepreneur. And that is why knowing all about virtual assistant pricing packages will come in handy when you decide to scale your business with a remote employee.

VA Pricing Packages:

Let’s find out more about the Pricing Structure of Virtual Assistants.

Hourly Prices

Virtual assistant hourly pricing

This means paying for every billable hour.

So, for example, if your VA’s hourly charges are $10 and they work three hours a day, you’d have to pay $30 for the three hours of service.

If you’re wondering how to estimate your virtual assistant’s hours invested in aiding you, timesheets are your friend! Most VAs already present a record of billable hours.

Hourly rates are reasonable if you want an aide but don’t exactly know the scope of work or expect unpredictable work that you would like to outsource.

Monthly Packages
Virtual Assistant pricing

A monthly package requires you to enlist the scope of the work and then pay them at the end of the month as you would to an employee.

This is a great way to get a clear picture prior and saves the checking and back-and-forth that you’d have with a VA hired on an hourly basis.

For this to work out, you should give your VA a full scope of work.

Retainer Packages

This VA pricing package factors in the hours just as hourly prices.

Here, the client and the VA decide on a certain number of service hours per month.

The number of hours is decided before the work begins. Paying an upfront fee at the beginning is the norm. And the set hours of work are filled in by the virtual assistant in the stipulated time.

Unfilled hours (for example, 30 hours in a month) may be added to the next month or expire.

Project-Based Packages

A project-based contract is about getting the said deliverables by experts. If you only want an email campaign that is a month-long, your email marketing virtual assistant does that for you.

This pricing package allows you to hire an expert virtual assistant for a short time.

The client and the remote worker decide the mode of payment. Paypal is the go-to option in most cases.

Some Factors that Influence VA Charges:

Many factors influence pricing, they are: types of services, location, experience, and more.

Let’s discuss services, the first-factor influencing prices.

Types of services VA provide

Individual VA or agencies can be generalists or provide expertise in more than one field. But there are some tasks most VAs help with.

VAs can help with the following:

Administrative Tasks

A virtual administrative assistant performs all admin tasks like internal communication, calendar management, customer support, and more. That said, the duties vary depending on the firm and industry.

To put it simply, a remote worker can take the boredom of repetitive but necessary tasks off of your plate.

They can do the primary job of scheduling meetings, and handling phone calls and emails. Because of the nature of the work, the prices of an admin VA is pretty low. Depending on the location, prices may further vary.

The starting price for VAs in the US is anywhere from $10 to $40 per hour.

Executive Tasks

An executive assistant can take admin tasks a step further. These individuals can perform tasks that require more expertise and planning. They can be full-time or part-time project managers.

The duties include managing and guiding the team, organizing and altering meeting slots, travel planning, and more.

An executive VA charges more than an administrative VA. Sectors also affect the pricing.

Digital Marketing Tasks

A digital marketing VA is sharp with anything that is the internet customer journey. They have a detailed understanding of search engines ( Google,Bing ), social media trends, content planning, creation, analytics, and paid ads.

Digital marketers can specialize as virtual assistant graphic designers, content writers,and social media managers to assist you with visibility and presence.

Social media VA charges more as their jobs involve having a robust skillset.

Starting price of VA in the US is $40 per hour.

Research Tasks

Virtual research assistants have an eagle’s eye for detail and organization. From web research to complete business research, this remote worker can find the best fit for all of your requirements.

The prices vary based on the expertise required for research and their experience. The prices of a research virtual assistant in the US start from $25 per hour.

Location Based on Services VA Provide

After the type of services, another factor that determines the pricing packages of VA is location.

The country your remote employee operates from greatly affects their hourly charges of month and retainer packages.

A virtual assistant from the US, UK, Canada, and other developed nations costs you more. In contrast, an overseas VA from a country like India will cost you far less due to the lower cost of living expenses of your remote employee.

The hourly costs of VA can add up a great deal for small businesses based in the US. That is why it is advisable to hire Indian virtual assistants who offer you the same expertise at a lower cost!

Experience Based on Services VA Provide

VAs routinely work on upskilling themselves to meet new challenges in their industry and their client’s industry. Like with any field, as a remote employee’s experience and expertise improve, so do their charges.

At Namo Padmavati, you get experienced professionals to handle the most basic to advanced business needs.

Having a VA aid you can be bliss in reducing your workload and boosting productivity. Find your best remote fit at Namo Padmavati.

Check out the Virtual Assistant Pricing related Frequently Asked Questions!

virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant Pricing Packages

$600 USD

per month

4 Hours/Day, Mon-Fri

Dedicated Assistant

  • All the general responsibilities like data entry, research, transcriptions, blog post, social media postings, customer service, CRM management or any task that you have in mind.

$1200 USD

per month

8 Hours/Day, Mon-Fri

Dedicated Assistant

$900 USD

per month

4 Hours/Day, Mon-Fri

Dedicated Assistant

  • All the general responsibilities + campaign creation, management, and report generation+ creating strategies + brainstorming ideas + everything marketing related.

$1400 USD

per month

8 Hours/Day, Mon-Fri

Dedicated Assistant

Bulk Full Time General Virtual Assistants

1-10 VAs = $800

per assistant

10-50 VAs = $700

per assistant

50+ VAs = $600

per assistant

8 Hours/Day, Mon-Fri

Bulk Full Time Marketing Virtual Assistants

1-10 VAs = $1000

per assistant

10-50 VAs = $900

per assistant

50+ VAs = $800

per assistant

8 Hours/Day, Mon-Fri

We also work on an hourly basis

General VA - $8

per hour

Marketing VA - $12

per hour

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