How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts


A Facebook post, an Instagram reel, or a Twitter tweet is what a modern man wakes up to. These social networking apps are not only ways to stay connected, but they also serve as excellent platforms for business activities. Entrepreneurs can hire a virtual social media manager and professionals want to communicate, advertise and enhance their work through these platforms. The various options available in these sites allow an individual to manage and thrive in their business.

Several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn prompt a person to be active on multiple social media accounts. The challenging task here is to maintain these accounts simultaneously. Here are some key tips and responsibilities for virtual social media manager that will help you manage various social media accounts at once.

Various social media tools come to mind while working together with multiple accounts. Some of them are as follows:

a) Hootsuite:

This is the best in business. It is the most popular and the most practical tool. It can add accounts, add account managers, and also schedule posts. It also acts as a training platform for social marketing. What more can one ask for?

b) Hubspot:

Wouldn’t it be great if you can monitor and track down what posts and channels bring actual leads and sales? This is what HubSpot does. You can access closed-loop report data with this tool.

c) MeetEdgar:

This is one highly recommended tool you shouldn’t miss out on. With all other tools only managing and scheduling posts, this one re-shares your popular posts, which may leave a significant impact on your business. If you have this, then you’re good to go!

d) Buffer:

Timing is one vital aspect of the social networking business. Buffer allows you to assign content at the best time. It shares, schedules, and analyses various accounts simultaneously. It further scrutinizes and brings to you the most liked of your content. All you have to do is log in once and set your account and details. Rest is taken care of by Buffer.

Various other platforms like TweetDeck, VidiQ, Social Upgrade, Sprout Social, Raven, etc., are also recommended by many. These also help in organizing, scheduling, and updating our accounts. Apart from using all these tools, other essential aspects must be considered as well. Some of them are as follows: 

1) Adding your social media profiles to dashboards is a quick and easy way to manage accounts.

The dashboards mentioned above will not only handle all accounts simultaneously but will save lots of time that would be spent in checking and updating each profile.

2) Consistency is the most crucial aspect to stay alive in business.

The customers that are dependent on you seek your help. Thus, it becomes inevitable to keep in touch with your clients, follow their reviews, and solve their problems. Also, updating your clients with the work in progress will ensure continuity and trust. Standardized reporting is crucial in business. Even if your client signs up in the middle of a month, you must provide periodic reports to build and maintain your trust. 

3) This world is diverse. Each person has a different preference.

The audiences on each platform are different. The likes that you get on a picture may not be the same as on a video. Hence each platform requires a change. Content is the king when it comes to social media. Creating unique content and posts for each media profile is a must. A Facebook video, a GIF on Twitter, and an infographic on Pinterest would be interesting for audiences of different tastes. Catchy captions will also be of great help in boosting your post.

4) Scheduling your posts will ensure maximum viewership.

The dashboards will enable you to find out the day and time when your audience is online at their maximum. Making use of this peak time to post and maintaining a consistent schedule will increase views.

5) The key to establishing a good relationship with your client is communication.

Buffer Reply allows you to engage in conversation with the people who have liked, commented, or tweeted about your page. A quick chat will also help you recognize your errors or improve your content.

With these tools, may virtual social media manager capable of working with managing social media accounts is now easier than ever. To reach out to more and more people, we can use various tools to save time and make work simpler. Not everybody will read a post done manually by you, but tools like Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, and other websites will make sure the post reaches the maximum number of people. Using tools for different platforms and scheduling everything is the apt and productive way to make it work.

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I have one goal in life – to obliterate what society normalizes and impact others to do the same. I come from a traditional background where you are an outsider if you don’t live by the book. Working women are considered taboo, and having a personal purpose is a crime.
But I’ve always wondered – who are they to validate the way I live?
I started working a full-time job when I was 18. I started small in a fast-growing SEO company and worked my way up to become an Operational Manager two years later. I was training teams and engaging with clients. I was doing quality checks and handling distraught customers. I never said no to a task. I had gained a lot of learning experience, but I always knew that a typical 9-5 job would never be enough to satisfy me.
Working under someone wasn’t really my thing. Or following a certain dress code. Or working certain hours for a certain amount of money. These norms may work for many people. It did work for me for a while too.
But I wanted more.
When I decided to start my own company, I lost much support. I was confused, overwhelmed, and had people constantly tell me to “give it up and get married.” At the tender age of 20, I was barely out of high school, and I made many mistakes and trusted the wrong people too quickly.
Others won’t tell you this, but there is safety in working under someone. When I messed up, they had my back. They showed me the way out. But when I became my own boss – as awesome as that sounds – I had to clean up my own mess and learn from my mistakes as soon as I could.
But throughout all, my family believed in me and supported my vision, and they are why I kept going.
Today, I’m glad I never gave up. All those mistakes were lessons I had to learn to grow, progress and win. It made me realize my true potential and taught me how to think beyond my struggles.
I also get to go to work in my pajamas. Yes – it’s as liberating as it sounds.
And every time I complete a project and have satisfied clients – I consider that a win.
In the short span of three years, I’ve worked on over 200 projects and trained several international teams. I have given business coaching to entrepreneurs. I was given the honor to be the City Chair of Hyderabad, India for Global Dignity in 2018-2019. I was also hired as a project manager for many international companies.
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