What is a virtual assistant?

As the word virtual means being physically absent and being present online. The term ‘virtual assistant’ refers to those who work from their home or any different location absent from the company they work for.

what is virtual assistant

Understanding the term virtual assistant:

Virtual assistants, otherwise known as independent contractors, work remotely for an office using the latest technology. They connect to the department through software and tools that allow them to receive and send information, access files, and operate the workplace through a computer. They are typically recruited through an online job site, which is the best way to find them.

Few of their services: They are professionals who provide administrative, executive, creative design, technical, podcast, and customer services from a remote location. They can be located anywhere globally and often work for multiple clients simultaneously.

How has the current scenario led to the demand for virtual assistance? 

Virtual assistance is a field that is rapidly growing in demand. The current pandemic scenario has led many people to work from home, and businesses are becoming more at ease with the idea of remote employees.

There is a direct connection between individuals who work remotely and the need for virtual assistants. With the rise of the internet and the present situation, more and more people are working from home. As the number of people who work from home grows, the need for virtual assistants or independent contractors grows, causing a great demand. 

Many businesses are now turning to them to help with various tasks, and the availability of several tools and platforms makes it easy for them to work remotely.

As a result, the trend for virtual assistance will only continue to grow in the future. 

There are many ways to find a virtual assistant or independent contractor. You can post a job on a representative job site or search social media sites.

Qualities of an excellent virtual assistant:

When looking for a virtual assistant in India or any part of the world, it’s essential to be specific about what you’re looking for. 

The requirements of the company and the skill sets of the individual must match to a greater extent. The individual you appoint must understand the ordinances and work accordingly.

When appointing a virtual assistant, there are some key things you should look for. 

  • First and foremost, they should be organized and manage their time well. 
  • They should be proficient in Microsoft Office and have excellent communication skills.
  • An ideal virtual assistant will be able to work independently and comfortably and take directions when needed. 
  • They should also be familiar with online tools like TeamViewer, Google Docs, Skype, and various other devices.
  • They should dedicate enough time to every firm they work for. 

Benefits of assigning virtual assistants:

  • The advantages of using a virtual assistant include many, including working remotely in an office from the convenience of the home, which naturally reduces stress, and the freedom to work when convenient. Many people also like that they are in control of their work schedule.
  • Virtual assistants focus on non-core tasks, allowing business owners to focus on their core objectives. They can help you with tasks you don’t have time for, and they can be an excellent resource for learning new things.
  • Independent contractors are experts in the field and can provide high-quality services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. They are available on-demand, so you can hire them for as few or as many hours as you need. 
  • Time-consuming tasks are taken up by them that do not require personal presence. This could be anything from online research to arranging appointments. 
  • Due to the convenience of working from home from any part of the world, businesses and entrepreneurs have the flexibility to hire assistants from countries where the cost of living is comparatively lower. 

However, there are also some disadvantages to working with a virtual assistant.

  • They may not be available or miss important meetings or deadlines due to other priorities.
  • Because they work simultaneously for other clients, they might find it hard to focus.
  • They may not be familiar with all of your systems and procedures and may not be as invested in your company’s success as full-time employees.

The scenario of virtual assistants in India:

There are many benefits of working with a virtual assistant or independent contractor. Their popularity in India is due to several factors. 

  1. There is a rising need for skilled and affordable services as many people in India do not have access to traditional employment opportunities. 
  2. Many people in India prefer to work from home at different locations for extended periods according to their schedule, making it easier to provide these services. 
  3. A virtual assistant in India can find it difficult to distinguish between a real and a fake job on various platforms.
  4. Finding the right partners and clients can be extremely difficult as it involves trusting strangers. 

Thus, the Indian virtual assistant sector has seen rapid growth due to many online services. Virtual assistants are just like physician assistants in offices. The only difference is that they are not present in the workplace. They provide a range of services through online platforms or by personally contacting the person in charge.

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I have one goal in life – to obliterate what society normalizes and impact others to do the same. I come from a traditional background where you are an outsider if you don’t live by the book. Working women are considered taboo, and having a personal purpose is a crime.
But I’ve always wondered – who are they to validate the way I live?
I started working a full-time job when I was 18. I started small in a fast-growing SEO company and worked my way up to become an Operational Manager two years later. I was training teams and engaging with clients. I was doing quality checks and handling distraught customers. I never said no to a task. I had gained a lot of learning experience, but I always knew that a typical 9-5 job would never be enough to satisfy me.
Working under someone wasn’t really my thing. Or following a certain dress code. Or working certain hours for a certain amount of money. These norms may work for many people. It did work for me for a while too.
But I wanted more.
When I decided to start my own company, I lost much support. I was confused, overwhelmed, and had people constantly tell me to “give it up and get married.” At the tender age of 20, I was barely out of high school, and I made many mistakes and trusted the wrong people too quickly.
Others won’t tell you this, but there is safety in working under someone. When I messed up, they had my back. They showed me the way out. But when I became my own boss – as awesome as that sounds – I had to clean up my own mess and learn from my mistakes as soon as I could.
But throughout all, my family believed in me and supported my vision, and they are why I kept going.
Today, I’m glad I never gave up. All those mistakes were lessons I had to learn to grow, progress and win. It made me realize my true potential and taught me how to think beyond my struggles.
I also get to go to work in my pajamas. Yes – it’s as liberating as it sounds.
And every time I complete a project and have satisfied clients – I consider that a win.
In the short span of three years, I’ve worked on over 200 projects and trained several international teams. I have given business coaching to entrepreneurs. I was given the honor to be the City Chair of Hyderabad, India for Global Dignity in 2018-2019. I was also hired as a project manager for many international companies.
Starting Namo Padmavati had a colossal impact on my life that I couldn’t have ever imagined. To me, it’s not about the money. It’s about loyalty, building trust, and providing quality service. It’s about the lessons, the influence, and the respect. It’s about helping others on an international level. Despite the stress and struggles, I now sleep better at night, knowing I have a purpose to look forward to tomorrow and that I made a difference today.