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Lead Generation
Do-It-For-You Summit 2020

15th December, 11 AM EST Online Event

About The Event
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Ready To Be Wowed With The “Fully Virtual” B2B Lead Gen Summit?

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About The Event

Lead Generation Do-it-for-you

You can’t build a business without ongoing customers. Lead generation is the way to grow your customer base and your business year after year. Spark more interest in your products and services by learning to develop a comprehensive lead generation strategy.

You should know that this is not just another summit where we sit and talk. I will be walking you through the complete procedure I use and show you everything I do, from finding leads to closing them.

Who Should Attend the event?

This transformational summit is for small business owner’s professionals, self-employed, digital marketing agencies, and decision-makers who wants to generate B2B leads for their businesses.

So, if you run a company, and want to generate leads without paying a lot of money to lead generation companies, then, YES, this is for you.

If you want your organization/company/business to not only survive, but thrive during and after these uncertain times, then, YES, this is for you.

Win The Booking

1. Get actionable marketing tactics.

2. No more gatekeepers

3. Generate more leads with cross-channel strategies.

4. Convert more with a reliable customer loyalty journey, and

5. So much more!


Zoom – 15th Dec, 2020

Chief Guest Manuel. De Vits

Speaker 1

Manuel De Vits will be talking about leav generation via social selling.

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Hosted By Riya Jain

Speaker 1

Hello everyone! My name is Riya Jain. I was 21 when I started Namo Padmavati in April 2018 with the only purpose to help entrepreneurs out there with all the non-core activities of their business. During the process, I realized that I am very good at finding clients for my business and closing them.

Later, I delegated all the VA responsibilities to my sister and started investing time, money, and skills to help companies find quality leads and book appointments.

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Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

B2B Lead Generation Do-It-For-You Schedule

Introduction Session

Let’s welcome each other and get ready for the summit.

Defining the right target audience

It’s All About Having the right target audience. Having the correct audience and updating it efficiently will lead to a better ROI through targeted campaigns

Working on the outreach messages.

Cold Communication Isn’t Dead, Bad Messages Are

How to use your existing connections on LinkedIn to find new clients.

You will learn to leverage your existing connection and find business out of it

Cold Outreaches

Making new connections on LinkedIn with a unique approach

Data Extraction

Building a massive database of your audience with all the information.

Email Marketing

Sharing the complete strategy to create a strong email marketing technique – tools/messages.time, etc


Effective way to track and nurture the leads.


Social Media Marketing

LIVE creating LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram Paid Marketing Campaig for B2B

How to deal with warm leads with special guest

Closing Session

Takeaways, Q/A

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