Marketing & Social Media

  1. Set up, organise and modify social networks

“When you say it, its marketing, when they say it, it is social proof” There is no question of how important social networks are in todays world. Hence, we would love to boost your business, by boosting your media. 

     2. Schedule and manage tweets, Facebook posts, blogs

We will engage with your audience creatively and leave a spark of interest in them by your tweets and posts. 

    3. Post on other social media accounts

Needless to say, what social media can do… you name it, we do it.

   4. Blog posts

Blogs are something that are capable of attracting a non-potential client and turning him into a potential one. However, that is possible only with a strong and informative blog, which we are experts in… You can watch the testimonial videos to see how happy our clients are. You can be the next happy client! 

   5. Page updates from existing accounts

Updating is a task which is as essential as creating a new. Hence, we will take the charge in updating you with all that is required.

   6. Reply and manage comments all across 

The best way to get loyal customers is to interact with them.. listening to your customers might blow your mind, you might find amazing content, some potentiality that could benefit you, a team member… hence, engaging with the audience is vital.

   7. Email campaigns and monitor the results

You might never know how an email campaign can benefit you unless you try it. We can help you in organizing one with predetermined results.

   8. Generate weekly reports to show progress

Generating weekly reports can cause a very positive impact on the company, right from the CEO to the team members. All can physically see the results of their hard work which will definitely motivate them to do better. 

   9. Monitor social media engagement 

We will build a family relation with your customers on the social media, this will make the existing customers happy and also attract the new customers. 

  10. Target and competitor research 

Doing a good research will reduce half your burden. We will give you a filtered version of all that you want to know. 

  11. Inhouse and follow-up calls

Follow up calls are the game changers. We will do them efficiently and effectively.

  12. Research engine marketing

A sufficiently advanced strategy is a powerful tool in the hands of the marketer. However, you have to make sure that is it in hands of somebody who is safe and smart. You can definitely count on us!

  13. Real estate marketing 

The most crucial step in real estate is that of marketing. We believe that in real estate, it is about what you know as well as who you know.

  14. Networking 

A good networking will lead to a good business. We are skilled in networking and will be more than happy to do the same for you.