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Who we are

You could be forgiven for thinking that we are an agency that helps in hiring, or connects you with assistants who frantically bid for jobs on gig portals.

But things work up a little differently here 😉

Who we really are, is a one-stop-shop of virtual assistants who know or adapt to your requirements in order to deliver to your expectations when it comes to unloading your shoulders from non-core activities of your business.

Our Journey

Quite a lot to unpack here, so grab popcorn! 🍿

The Namo Padmavati Manifesto

Our Worldview

If our client is not successful then
neither are we. We are ready to go way beyond the normal scope to make sure our clients aren’t just happy but are straight-up seeing the good stuff happen!

Our Vision

To offer a quality of virtual services so superior, that we make our clients brand advocates for us, recommending us to their friends and family in need of a supportive team like ours.

Our Sacred Pro Code

Pay us if you are satisfied. Our priority list puts quality above your 💰💰

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Say ‘Hi’ to our 🔥 fam

Now meet the magic-makers, the all stars, and full-time specialists!



Founder, Dog Lover.

Riya started NAMO PADMAVATI from her bedroom before she scaled it up to a team of VAs that her clients grew to love working with.
She’s a hustling go-getter who has spent a large part of her time supporting large to small businesses, & peddled the NP vision forward.


Pooja Jain

Pooja Jain

Chief Mom Officer

The Motivator! 
Pooja Jain is an inspiration, a guide & a mentor.
As the heart of this business, she oversees the team, ensuring deadlines are met (just like moms do).
Also, she’s Riya and Khushi’s mom, who jumps onto dilemma-demolition at its inception.



Chief Operations Officer

Managing, supervising, operating – Khushi oversees it all! As a leader, her goal is to inspire and guide the team by setting an example through persistence.

She’s also a shopper and cuisine explorer of the highest order.

We’re hiring!

Interested in work that feels like play?

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