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Namo Padmavati

Virtual Sales Assistant

Empower your sales team and fuel your pipeline with expert lead generation assistants from us, accelerating your growth and success.

What can you assign your
Virtual Sales Assistant?

SDR/Outbound Calling

We excel in executing sales outreach campaigns, effectively adding new qualified leads to your pipeline and driving growth for your business.

We are proficient in executing cold calling campaigns and adept at answering queries using tailored scripts, ensuring effective communication and engagement with potential prospects.

We assist your team in booking meetings and ensure that prospects attend appointments, optimizing your sales process and maximizing conversion opportunities.

We're proficient in booking and attending demo calls, adept at closing deals, and diligent in following up on opportunities within your sales pipeline, ensuring a seamless and effective sales process from start to finish.

Lead Generation Assistant

We enrich leads using a variety of online tools and databases, meticulously gathering data to enhance their profiles. This information is then seamlessly inputted into your CRM tool or software for streamlined management and enhanced sales efforts.

We leverage a CRM system to store and update records seamlessly, while also collecting valuable information to fuel your marketing and sales campaigns, ensuring targeted and effective outreach strategies.

We proactively locate prospective buyers and identify key decision makers, nurturing connections through strategic engagement on social media and personalized email outreach.

We employ a scale to pre-qualify prospects and screen leads based on their readiness, categorizing them as marketing-qualified, sales-qualified, or product-qualified, ensuring efficient and targeted engagement.

We gather vital information for sales leads by analyzing target demographics, best practices, competitor strategies, and more, ensuring comprehensive insights to drive successful sales campaigns.

Something missing?

Count on our flexible VAs to accommodate! 😉

Unlimited Calls, Dedicated Callers

For a Fixed Monthly Price

Enjoy unlimited calls and dedicated callers for a fixed monthly price. Unlike other sales calling services that charge by the minute or number of calls, we provide a dedicated caller who can make as many calls as needed throughout the month.

With our service, you can expect your Wing Caller to continually improve and close more deals over time.

Namo Padmavati
Virtual Sales Assistant Pricing

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Why hire a VA from Namo Padmavati?

Diverse Expertise

The best of artists and our VAs are both formless like water. We can adapt to your specific requirements of your business.

Personalized Solutions

If your business isn’t a cookie-cutter venture, unless you actually make cookie-cutters, neither should our services to you be so.

Punctual and Professional

Count on us for reliable & timely 
task completion, providing you 
with the well-deserved peace of mind.

Transparent Communication

Experience smooth collaboration with direct communication channels.

Data Security Priority

We ensure bank vault-level security of sensitive information, business data, and intellectual property.

Budget-Friendly Support

We love your wallet so much that we’d hate to burn a hole in it.

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