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Marketing Assistant

We empower businesses to expand their audience, acquire new users, and exceed their marketing goals by entrusting digital marketing tasks to specialized Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMAs).

On-brand outreach you cannot miss.

What can you assign your
Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Digital Marketing Assistant

Efficiently execute your SEO strategy, implement content in your CMS, and generate comprehensive reports to track progress and optimize performance.

Conduct thorough research to identify influencers in your industry and establish connections with them to execute your strategy effectively.

The assistant efficiently gathers information on your prospects, competitors, their products, and offers, providing valuable insights to enhance your strategic approach.

Regularly monitor essential KPIs, adjust bids or budgets as needed, and review keyword performance to optimize campaign effectiveness and maximize results.

Utilizes page builders for website optimization, performs adjustments as necessary, and moderates comment threads

Ensure polished communication by meticulously proofreading emails, execute impactful email campaigns, and deliver comprehensive reports on your current metrics.

Social Media Assistant

Craft captivating graphics, compose engaging captions, and seamlessly schedule updates across various social platforms to elevate your brand's online presence.

Efficiently create and manage a comprehensive content calendar that integrates all your social media pages, ensuring consistency and strategic alignment across platforms.

Efficiently gather data from diverse platforms and deliver tailored reports and actionable insights to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Create and manage a unified content calendar that seamlessly integrates all your pages, ensuring consistent and strategic content across all platforms.

Efficiently manage your online communities, pages, and groups, moderating posts and actively engaging with your audience to foster meaningful interactions and strengthen your brand presence.

Content Writer

Craft informative blog posts, service pages, and social media content aligned with your content goals, engaging your audience and driving meaningful interactions.

Craft compelling copy for your website, from impactful landing pages highlighting your services to essential Terms of Service (TOS) pages, ensuring clarity and professionalism throughout.

Craft persuasive copy tailored for various paid advertising formats including carousel ads, sponsored posts, video ads, and more, maximizing engagement and driving results for your campaigns.

Graphic Designer/Video Editor

Develop diverse visual assets aligned with the copy and broader team objectives, ensuring cohesive and impactful visual communication across multiple channels and campaigns.

Integrate imagery and typography that seamlessly aligns with the client’s branding, ensuring consistency and reinforcing brand identity across all materials.

Support creative teams by utilizing layout and design tools to proofread visual materials, ensuring accuracy and alignment with project objectives.

Professionals adept at leveraging your existing footage to craft valuable video content tailored to the needs and goals of your organization.

In boosting exposure and driving conversions online, social media video marketing proves indispensable.

Something missing?

Count on our flexible VAs to accommodate! 😉


Our team doesn’t just nod along when you speak. 
We throw in our two cents, steer discussions, and make ideas flow seamlessly.

Talking with any of our VAs is like a conversation with a friend, effortless & helpful.

Namo Padmavati Virtual Marketing Assistant Pricing

Upto 80% Savings With Us vs Hiring a Digital Marketer In-house Book a meeting.

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Why hire a VMA from Namo Padmavati?

Diverse Expertise

The best of artists and our VAs are both formless like water. We can adapt to your specific requirements of your business.

Personalized Solutions

If your business isn’t a cookie-cutter venture, unless you actually make cookie-cutters, neither should our services to you be so.

Punctual and Professional

Count on us for reliable & timely 
task completion, providing you 
with the well-deserved peace of mind.

Transparent Communication

Experience smooth collaboration with direct communication channels.

Data Security Priority

We ensure bank vault-level security of sensitive information, business data, and intellectual property.

Budget-Friendly Support

We love your wallet so much that we’d hate to burn a hole in it.


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