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Namo Padmavati

Project Management

Running the show with run-off-the-mill methods? We have a remedy.

Keep tasks in order

Ease Team Communication

Projects Co-ordinated Seamlessly

What can you assign your

Project Management VA?

Task Coordination

Our VAs provide providing 
real-time support through live chat, texts & calls.

Complaint Resolution

We tackle customer complaints professionally
& make sure we leave no issue unresolved.

Timeline and Milestone Tracking

Tracking project timelines and milestones 
with precision, because hitting 
goals is our jam.

Resource Allocation

We allocate resources strategically to maximize 
efficiency and keep the project 
engine running strong.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Our VAs identify & mitigate risks to keep the 
project sailing smoothly, 
even through stormy waters.

Documentation and Reporting

We handle project documentation and 
reporting with finesse, keeping records crystal 
clear and on point.

Something missing?

Count on our flexible VAs to accommodate! 😉

Getting Started is Easy

Kick-off work in less than a week.


Choose your VA 
service pricing plan


Meet Riya!🫰


Schedule a kick-off date

Show work stress 
the exit door

Namo Padmavati Virtual Assistant Pricing

The General Virtual Assistant (GVA) is our most popular plan and is designed to enhance personnel and team productivity.

Do you need specialization, end-to-end teams, bilingual options? Book a meeting.

Why hire a VA from Namo Padmavati?


Our VAs approach challenges with
a fresh perspective, find inventive ways 
to motivate teams & overcome obstacles.

Quick Turnaround

Deadlines you set are the deadlines we adhere to with ample time for
feedback & changes. Even in the 11th hour.

Scalability & flexibility

Ongoing support or one-time projects?
Our VAs adapt to your requirements.

Clear Communication

Experience smooth collaboration with direct communication channels.
Expect no roadblocks.

Data Security Priority

We ensure bank vault-level security of sensitive information, business data, and intellectual property.

Budget-Friendly Support

We love your wallet so much that we’d hate to burn a hole in it.

Let's talk about your next project​​!👋

You’re just a click away from seamless assistance for your business.

Questions on your mind?

We have answered all your questions here ↙️

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